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About Donna


Yoga Teacher

Donna O'Neil, has been teaching for 25 years.  Trained and certified in l995 through Ananda Yoga at The Expanding Light in Nevada City, CA.   She has been teaching since, offering 6-7 classes a week.  

Her own experience with yoga is that of a healing and spiritual path, and began back in l986. Originally begun as a way to heal back problems from scoliosis, and from many hours on a bicycle, she found yoga to be a wonderful way to feel better and stronger, and to deepen her meditation practice.  

More recently, Donna has become certified to teach a new form of yoga called Bo Yoga, which incorporates the use of the Bo or Balance Staff and of Qigong into the yoga practice. She feels the use of these techniques are especially useful in keeping yoga current with her as she ages.  

"I took up yoga in the 80's. Yoga made me feel so much better, physically and spiritually, that I stayed with it.  It helped me so much getting through the challenges of my days as a middle school science teacher! " - Donna

Yoga Therapist

Yoga therapy works one on one to address the body and it's unique needs.  Donna is a trained yoga therapist who can help yoga work for your body. Contact her for an appointment for a private lesson.

Meditation Teacher

Meditation is a time-tested way to make one feel younger, more healthy and relaxed.  It has been proven to keep your brain healthy and aging more slowly. Have you tried to meditate, but need more tools?  Donna was certified through Ananda Yoga to be a Meditation teacher in the tradition of teachers since Paramahansa Yogananda brought these techniques to the US in the l920's.   


Just want to say I love the way your class has moved into the core awareness realm.  You do a wonderful job of encouraging and accepting all modifications of poses, so I personally feel there is freedom to do what one can, without embarassment, denigration, or self-criticism.  At the same time, you challenge us to make what efforts we can.   I also love the women in your classes; they are a community of fun, supportive, and sharing ladies. You have set the tone for this community to flower into friendships; it doesn't get any better than that!   Thank you for all you do, all you give, and mostly, all you are.  You are a blessing, in every way..    Please know how grateful I am to have your gentle and inspiring soul in the circle of my life.        - Jinny

Hi Donna! I'm so happy to be getting back into yoga with you; it makes a profound difference in my life, on so many levels. I so appreciate the compassion and genuine enthusiasm you bring to each class. Just wanted to tell you that-- you're so popular after class! :) peace/love/hope Carol

You provide such excellent skills and knowledge with a very comfortable supportive environment. Thank you.  - Suzanne, age 64